About Amma

Sri Sri Sri Vasudevananda Swami (Vasamma)

India is the birthplace of many Sadhus (Saints) and Gurus (Spiritual teachers), who have enlightened millions of devotees and imparted knowledge to seekers from all over the world. Just like the light dispels darkness, this knowledge removes ignorance, worries, and fears from the minds of the people and spreads the message of love and peace.

In the same, revered lineage of sadguru’s comes our beloved guru and guide, Sri Sri Sri Vasudevananda Swami, affectionately addressed by numerous devotees as “Vasamma.” Vasamma declared that He is the reincarnation of Mahayogini, a Digambar ascetic who attained samadhi. Vasamma, as a little boy, would transform Himself into Mahayogini and utter her divine statements. All those who had seen the Mahayogini were stupefied to watch the play of this little boy.

Amma embodies the message of universal love for all beings and serving with compassion in the spirit of ‘Serving the needy is Serving the God’. Amma’s ever-vigilant, loving protection of the devotees, is not only for them to meet life’s challenges but also to help progress spiritually, to the
essence of Vedantic message “Be Fearless (abhih, abhih).” Many spiritual rituals (Yagna/Homa/Vratha) are performed for world peace, under Amma’s guidance. His miracles and leelas (divine sport) are a source of delight and bliss to His devotees. People from different faith and race are drawn to His holy lotus feet, as Amma traveled globally. His discourses are
often simple and profound and touch the heart of every devotee. He emphasizes upholding the Sanatana Dharma, its culture, tradition, and values.

About 60 years ago, much before the arrival of Vasamma in Naidupet, the ascetics of the nearby village of Pudur, had a prediction. The prediction was that the area surrounding the Ayyavarapu lake would become a divine dwelling filled with the grace of Lord Shiva, by a yogi, coming in
there who was in his previous life, a female Mahayogini. At present, scores of people experience Vasamma’s divinity and love from all over the world and crowd to His Ashram in Naidupet.

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