Paada Pooja

Agenda Item

Approximate Duration

1. Welcome Vasamma with Poorna Kumbham. Items needed are

  • Bronze/Silver Kalasham if available, else notify volunteer team so that it can be arranged
  • Poornakumbham – Coconut with tail on top of a Kalasham (which holds the Coconut) containing warm water with 3 mango leaves/paan leaves between Coconut and Kalasham
  • Big flat Steel/Bronze/Silver plate for washing Amma’s feet
  • 2 Wash clothes for cleaning the feet
10 Mins
2. Paada Pooja – Once Amma is seated inside, Paada Pooja with flowers is performed by the Host while Guru Paadukastavam & Amma Ashtotharam are recited by devotees. Below are the items needed for Paada Pooja

  • Oil, Cotton Wicks and Lamps
  • Fruits (make sure that the fruits are sufficient for all the devotees)
  • Vermilion/Kumkumpowder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Sandalwood powder
  • Flowers (atleast 3 bouquets of flowers)
30 Mins
3. Bhajans 30 to 60 Mins
4. Prasadam Nivedanam (Offer dry fruits, if possible) followed by Aarti and Mantra Pushpam 10 Mins
5. Lunch/Dinner for the devotees is left to the discretion of the Host

A downloadable version of this document is available here. For any Questions, please reach out to Volunteer Team.