Amma’s Message (December 2019)

What is divine life?

Question: What is divine life?
Amma: To lead a righteous (dharmic) life is divine. To stay calm and peaceful and not to indulge in criticizing others is divine life. For example some people claim that they have not come to me for any gain in name or fame, or for any desire for them or for their family or progeny. But underneath there is deep desire towards getting their desires addressed. That is not divine life. Divine life should not have expectations. It should be a righteous life. One should not look for faults in others, instead look only for the good in them. Think positive. Those that find faults in others do not have divine life. People think because they are great, they can find problems in others. They do not have any devotion towards God. They are finding fault because they do not know what is divine. When one is consumed with criticizing others, where is the time or the thought for God. We are finding fault because we have such inclination and intellect aligned and are consumed by it. Instead one should be loving(“prema”) towards all. When we lead such a loving life, even if it is for a short period, it is indeed a divine life. Live like a swan and not like a crow. Leading a good clean life without any baggage is divine life. No need to even to go to the Temple or an Ashram. When we are consumed with finding faults in others, when do we have time for Bhajans, or Puja, or to think of God. When we point a mistake with one finger, know that 3 fingers are pointing to you and one (thumb is pointing upwards) pointing to the God.

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