Amma’s Message (March 28, 2020)

Amma’s message to devotees on 3/28/2020


Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu (May the world be in bliss)
Sarve Jano Sukhino Bhavantu (May the mankind be in bliss)

These are difficult times. It is a pity that the entire world is going through this…something that you are aware of it. This is happening because when the mind is not in control, it leads to destruction.
When the mind engages in uncontrolled action, it leads to many forms of destruction. The mind gallops without any reigns and any boundaries. This mind is the root cause of everything.
“Mana eva manushyanam karaNam bandha mokshayoho”
“As the mind, so the individual; bondage or liberation are in the mind.”
Now, for me, to see you all suffer this way is a bit difficult.
“Janma dukham jaraa dukham, jaaya dukham punah punaha”
This is not unusual for Divine Amma, for Srushti (nature), She has seen this many times, whatever happens in this world, She is not affected by it. Paramatma is a witness (Sakhi Bhoota Sakshi = witness; Bhoota = entity). Now, who is crying here? The player is Rangadu, the one who is pulling the strings is Rangadu, Rangadu is on the stage, Rangadu is behind the curtains, that means, everything is Paramatman.
(Rangadu = a Telugu language colloquial reference to Sri Ranganatha Srinivasa Perumal, or incarnation of Lord Vishnu)
For example, a movie director engages actors and makes a movie. Now, he sits in the movie theater and watches the movie. During some scenes, he guffaws, during some scenes, he cries piteously. Because he forgets that it is a movie and gets engrossed in the plot and forgets that it is just a show.
That is why I repeatedly tell all of you: Do not engage in any ‘bad karmas’ by the mind. Do not engage in any ‘bad karmas’ by your mind, or by your ‘vak’, your speech. Some of you can settle your disagreements by quarreling or fighting. But some people cannot quarrel/fight or scold. The just internalize all their pain and grieve silently. When people grieve silently, the Pancha Bhootas are their witness, this body exists only due to the existence of the five elements = shabda (sound), sparsha (touch), rupa (form/fight), rasa (taste), gandha (smell); Akasha (Sky), Bhoomi (Earth), Agni (Fire), Jalam (Water), Vayu (Air). The body is a combination of these five elements. Every negative thought of yours is absorbed by these five elements. They absorb these and burn in an instant. For example, when you keep blowing air in a balloon, it expands to a certain limit and then bursts when it cannot expand anymore. Similarly, the dushkarya (evil deeds) of human is being absorbed by the panchabhootas, and now they turn over on mankind.
I reminded you that the Three Cs will cause destruction. The first C has arrived! Paramatna has ‘house arrested’ you by the arrival of the first C’. You cannot even step on the street. The second C will come, and it will hit you like a sledgehammer. When the third C arrives, it will be terrible! Therefore, Do Not Listen to Negative Talk. Only listen to Positive things. Do not talk Negatively. Because, the Paramatma has bestowed human form to you, among the 84 lakh life forms (lakh = 100k). Human birth is very auspicious and pious. Why are you misusing this pious and holy human birth? Make good use of this life/birth. Because everyone, a millionaire or a pauper, a learned man or a simpleton, the crematorium is their final destination.
Inapatta naluguru nee venta paduguru
Saganampe varu kani sati vacchey varu leru
Katte le cchutalu —kaashtamay tandri, agni devudu atma bandhuvu.

When you die, people follow you, but nobody accompanies you. The Agni deva, or fire becomes you ‘atma bandhu’, or best friend.
Can we win victory over anything? Yes, we can. We can attain that state. When you become peaceful, it should also permeate to your neighbors. When you think this way, it will bear fruit. The entire world will become peaceful. Your thinking should change. Your ‘modus operandi’, the way you function should change. Then, Paramatma will bestow grace upon you. Eshwara has ‘daya’ = mercy on the panchabhootas/five elements. Only because of his mercy you can sit at your homes. Many people are getting restless/agitated. Please pray that they get peace. This is not the time to point fingers and accuse, and nitpick. This is the time to engage in Prayer. Pray that the agitated people attain peace. Pray that everybody becomes healthy.
Parama krupakarini ayina aa Jagathjanani Divya Mangalashasanalu mee meeda apaaramuga varshinchaali.
May the Extremely Merciful Mother of the entire universe, one who is unfathomable, shower her divine auspicious blessings upon all of you.
Because the Apara Karunamayi is extremely sad. All nations are in turmoil. The world is crying ‘Rakshamaam Ramachandraprabho!” (Save us! O Rama!) They don’t know that. They don’t know who Rama is, but plaintively crying for mercy. For example, you have a home. It has several rooms, a living room, bedrooms, kitchen, special kitchen, many kinds of rooms! You have a puja room, too. Do you know what kind of place the puja room is? If the world is your home, the rest of the countries are different rooms, Bharat (India) is your puja room (room of worship). How do you enter your puja room? You remove your shoes, cleanse yourself by bathing in freshwater, wear clean clothes, and then enter the temple that is your puja room, and worship. You will definitely come to your puja room; leaving, nay, shunning your bedrooms, your fancy kitchens, and enter Bharat, your puja room. You must fold your hands in humility, in devotion, step on the holy soil that is Bharat, and roll on that holy soil. Because it is your ‘karma bhoomi’ (karma =action; bhoomi = soil/land) Even after many births, few get the chance of being born or associated with this land. But you all are blessed, even though some of you weren’t born here, if you have a deep love for this land, you shall reap the same benefits.
This is a pious and holy land. I will not talk about that disease.
Because the Paramatma could not tolerate any more and decided to give you all a small shock. Paramatma wants to see how you all react to this small shock. He is chuckling away at your reaction. You haven’t reached that state yet when Paramatma finishes everything. He just gave you a minor shock to see how you react. For this small shock, the world is in an uproar: elders, children, everyone. You all will gain your life and health back, and your businesses will prosper too. The economy will revive, and you will get peace of mind. Don’t worry that the economy collapsed. Please rejoice that you haven’t fallen yet! Because you can always earn the economy back, but if you fall, you cannot do anything.
Don’t feel bad that the economy is crumbling; be grateful that you are alive and well!
All nations of the world will recover, and Amma showers her divine auspicious blessings!

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