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Message on Amma’s Birthday (June 11, 2015)

Amma wasn’t happy about the birthday celebration in the bay area (CA) with rented assembly hall, and elaborate arrangements. Amma said the money could be better utilized other ways, such as for feeding food and distributing clothes to the needy. Amma agreed for this time out of love, but did not want this repeated in the future. Amma was happy to distribute sarees on that day.

Amma said change or transformation is what she is looking for. Evolve, transform, and gain Karma credit. Grow love, and drop jealousy. When your heart is pure, Amma will put you in a museum. For some devotees, Amma will sleep in front of their door, even if they do not call. Every one must inculcate love as daily practice, not just on special days like birthdays. Amma said being born as human is a blessing and we need to make great use of it. Be an embodiment of Love (be a Prema Swaroopi). Celestial beings like Kinneras and Kimpurushas are jealous of human as human life alone can take one to Moksha (liberation from the cycle of rebirth). Gain Punyam (Karma credit) for your next birth. Find out who you are, and work in unity between Jeevatma (soul in this birth) and Paramatma (eternal soul). One day when your death day comes, you will have no time. Now is all the time you have.

Why change?

* Change is the more important than devotion. Numerous namaskarams at different places and times, without inherent change in attitude and behavior is meaningless.

* Change is more important than reading holy scriptures like Bhagavad Geetha and Puranas. All reading is a waste when you do not have the right samskaram (Character).

* If your goal is degree, that is all you will get. When your goal is beyond, that is when you expand yourself. You decide whether you want to be Karma conformant (karma baddha) (or) Go beyond Karma (Karma Athitha)

* Lose your pride and arrogance :

     * Arrogance brought down even the greatest of devotees. So long as you do not lose your pride, even your seeing God is of no use. Agnanam (lack      of enlightenment) leaves only when you lose your ego.

     * Story of Namadev and Gora: Namadev, a devotee of Pundareekaksha (Lord Vishnu) has been feeding food to the Lord every day. But, his      arrogance came out under Gora. Arrogance is dissolved when his guru put his feet on Namadev.

     * Story of Ramadas and sultan Tanisha: Ramadas was a Rama devotee, and prayed for Lord Rama for 12 years in prison. yet, Lord visits the sultan      before giving darshan to Ramadas. The sultan, in previous birth, was a devout follower of Lord Shiva and performed Rudra abhishekam for 364      days. On the last day(365th day), he was impatient and broke Shiva linga. In the next birth, he was born as sultan Tanisha in a non-follower      community (as a Muslim). Yet, Lord Rama was kind, gave darshan along with his brother to Tanisha in the form of Ramoji and Lakshmoji.

* Do not Gossip: You will reach oneness with God by not gossiping about others. Just think about yourself.

* Guru: Gurus might look crazy. But, often times, looks are deceiving. Seek the blessings of Guru. Guru is here to burn your karmas. Bhagavan will only bless you. But, it is up to you to implement.

* Don’t be like a frog in a well. Swim like a fish in sea. Only the turtle knows the sweetness of water. That a Frog will never know.

* Eschew the attachments and focus on the Lord. Janaka’s wife in previous life was his mother. A boy was a bird in previous life. A tree in a house was human in previous birth. You may be in great love with your wife. But, that is also temporary. Relations are temporary.

Q: We are inspired and want to follow your advice. But, once we walk out, we get back to regular activities, and life as usual. What can we do to continue following your advice?
A: Well, it all depends on what you are eating – dry grass (Garika Mutte) or wet grass (pachi gaddi). A donkey that eats dry grass (Garika Mutte) does not know the taste of fresh, wet grass (pachi gaddi). Drop Vishaya vasanas (i.e., gossip, jealousy, etc.). When the person serving food is ours, how does it matter even when you are in the last row for food.


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