Amma’s Message to Boston Devotees (March 28, 2020)

Mind Purification with Puja

We wash our bodies with many different soaps, but there is still a lot of dirt on the body. Likewise, we do many pujas, but our mind keeps running after worldly desires. That’s why we should wash our minds with a soap called puja. Be careful not to go towards worldly desires but do chanting or meditation. Do this practice to cleanse the dirt on your mind as you would cleanse your body with soap. The mind is like a monkey, it jumps from one tree to another tree. You should not jump so on worldly desires. Whatever anyone says, you should have a firm focus on God.

If someone is hating us, consider it as if God is testing our resistance power. You should develop such resistance. You may be thinking God is only for the rich, not for the poor. You should not allow such thoughts, but keep your mind focused on God. Meditate on universal God with single-mindedness.

The whole world is now suffering from this calamity due to a lack of peace. From children to older people, all are suffering. Let us pray to all five elements for ultimate peace. Our earth is bound to the nine planets, and the five elements are ruling it. So, we should surrender to five elements, nine planets and ashtadikpalakas (the rulers of 8 directions) and pray for their grace. You may ask why we are getting these calamities. It is because of our thought processes. God has decided to give you a small treatment. Everyone is distressed for this small treatment itself. He will then give the second treatment. Steadfast devotees will last even after any number of calamities. So, stay firm on God as steadfast devotees. All pleasures and pains are only for the body and one day we must leave this body. When I come to America you do celebrations such as Happy Birthday. But after some birthdays, the rich or poor, must head to death day.

The body must go through death one day. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu. The world is one. We are all in this one world. This world is created by God. So, we should pray for His grace.

Amma is blessing everyone and all the countries with supreme peace.

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