About Ashram

Vasamma’s Ashram, known as Manidweepa Maha Samstanam, is located in India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, near the town of Naidupet (Address: Vasudevananda Nagar, Srinivasapuram, Near Nelaballi Village, NAIDUPET, Nellore District).

The Ashram is known to be in the sacred grounds where Goddess Parvati is believed to be performing tapas (penance). The Ashram has a Sri Raja Rajeswari temple accompanied by Sri Kameshwara Swamy and Sri Vallabha Ganapathi.
It also has Hanuman mandir with a towering statue of Hanuman that is about 92 feet tall and other deities.
Lord Hanuman
Ashram also has a Gosala (shelter home for cows), Annadaanam (food) shelter, and a Yaga-shaala for performing Yagnas for universal welfare.
The Ashram is engaged in various community-service activities like:
• Anna-Daanam: Food is prepared and served free to all daily in the food shelter
• Vastra-Daanam: Sarees and clothes are distributed free to the needy
• Vaidya-Daanam: Free medical care/health camps for the needy. A permanent health clinic is under construction
• Vidya-Daanam: Providing financial aid to the needy to pursue an education at various levels (KG to PG). Also offers classes in Nirmala Yoga free of cost to the aspirants Spiritual and religious festivals like Devi Navaratri is celebrated in great austereness. A good number of devotees from all over the world participate in these festivities and community service.