Navarathri 2020 – Covid Preventative Kits

During the preparations for Navarathri (Dasara) 2020, devotees from different countries visited the ashram and participated in this service of distributing Covid preventative kits. To help the villagers with the ongoing pandemic, the ashramites have prepared these preventative kits that were distributed in Naidupeta and surrounding villages. Each kit includes:

  • Two types of soaps
  • Vitamin supplement tablets
  • One N95 face mask
  • Amma’s photo
  • The ashramites and the volunteers distributed the kits to all the villages surrounding Naidupeta during and after Navarathri. These kits were distributed to about 550 families in Nelabali village, 500 families in Anuru-Harijanavada-Rasapalyam, several hundred in Kannur village, and several other villages as well.

    While Covid cases were very high in and around Naidupeta and hundreds of devotees visited the Ashram during the 10-day celebration of Navaratri, it is to be noted that with Amma’s grace, there was not even a single Covid case. ?????

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